Physical Geography

Physical Geography at Uppsala University focusses on the role of glaciers and wind-blown dust in a changing climate system.

Our research

In our research, we focus on glaciology as well as climate and environmental changes, in both past and present. We study the manyfold dynamics of how landscape, climate and, sometimes, humans interact to shape our natural world on different spatial and temporal time scales. Our core expertise lies in assessing how the ever-changing climate affects glaciers as well as wind blown sediments. Our methods include using field observations in conjunction with data analysis and numerical modelling for both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

PhD Studies

A person in a snowy landscape is holding a cylindrical piece of ice. Photo.

Uppsala University has one of the most comprehensive academic departments of Earth Sciences in Europe, according to international assessments. Its unique width in education and research, and its extensive global fieldwork, contribute to our knowledge about the properties, systems and development of planet Earth.
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Last modified: 2022-11-18