ULiBS - understanding lithium bearing systems in Sweden

A project aimed to increase our understanding of Lithium bearing pegmatite systems in Sweden with respect to the geological evolution, distribution and a scanning method that yields information about the mineralogy, including the proportion of the main Li-ore phases, and the texture and chemical composition of the host rocks. The evaluation of the spectroscopic response of Li-ore minerals to in particular UV wavelength-specific fluorescence will show if this technology can be applied for Li exploration. The project is funded by the strategic research programme Swedish Mining Innovation; a joint venture of Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency. 

The project is divided into five integrated work packages that will be conducted parallel to optimise the work flow, and the obtained results will continuously be evaluated together.
The work packages are divided into:
1) coordination,
2) development of Orexplore GeoCoeX10 for identification of light elements and applications to Li-ores,
4) characterisation of the Bergby pegmatite ore field, that is the test bed for the project, 5) geochronology and thermobarometry on the rocks within the ore field, and 6) field test in similar, potentially Li-bearing pegmatite fields elsewhere.

For more information, contact:
Karin Högdahl, project manager
Telefon: 018-471 2571

Erik Jonsson
E-post: Erik.Jonsson@sgu.se 
Mobiltelefon: 070-2228851

Jaroslaw Majka
E-post: jaroslaw.majka@geo.uu.se
Telefon: 018-471 2551

Pauline Jeanneret,
E-post: pauline.jeanneret@geo.uu.se

Last modified: 2023-03-27