Research Topics within Mineralogy, Petrology and Tectonics


Petrologists work in a wide variety of tectonic settings from Ocean Islands, through Subduction zones and their exhumed equivalents to Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs). Currently, we research magma plumbing systems integrated with investigation of geothermal systems, formation of volcaniogenic ore, contact metamorphism of country rock and assimilation processes, and with gases released from the magma and due to contact metamorphism.

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Mountains with smoke. Photo.


Research and education within the fields of minerals, their occurrence, distribution and formation, with emphasis on deposits of rare and critical metals, including the rare earth elements. Field as well as laboratory based studies on Swedish and international deposits and mineralisations.

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A red crystal. Photo.

Tectonics and Geodynamics

Nature is a skillful and patient sculpturer. Nature sculpts our planet through surface and tectonic processes over hundred millions of years. The field of Tectonics and Geodynamics studies the tectonics processes that shape the surface of our planet through structural geological field investigations and state of the art geodynamic modeling.

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Tectonic model. Illustration.
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