Energy, Resources and Society

The Energy, Resources and Society theme focuses on highly topical and problem-oriented research concerned with the sustainable use and management of energy, natural resources, and safe infrastructures and settlements underpinning contemporary modern society. Research within the RES theme includes, among others, the global supply of fossil fuel and critical raw materials, sustainable deployment of and resource requirements for renewable energy technologies, energy/climate governance, energy security, energy futures and resource geographies, and establishment of safe and sustainable settlements and human infrastructures. In our research, we combine natural sciences (e.g., geology, physics, and volcanology) with social science approaches (e.g., sociotechnical imaginaries, political geology, and security studies). We collaborate closely with colleagues from several international research institutions and universities, including the China University of Petroleum-Beijing, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Durham University, and the University of Iceland.

Ongoing Research


  • Mikael Höök: energy system analysis; energy security, energy transitions; resource depletion; peak oil; decarbonization; sustainable energy; energy-mineral nexus.
  • Magdalena Kuchler: energy and climate governance; sustainable energy transition; energy security; resource making; political geology; sociotechnical imaginaries, energy visions.
  • Valentin Troll: igneous and ore petrology; volcanology; geochemistry; magmatic and volcanic resources, magmatic metal deposits, geothermal energy, and volcanic hazards and associated risks.
  • Henrik Wachtmeister: conventional petroleum; shale oil and gas; energy security and transition.
  • Frances Deegan: experimental petrology; volcanoes; large igneous provinces (LIPS); environmental effect and ore potential of LIPS; isotopic micro-analysis.
  • Renaud Merle: terrestrial and extra-terrestrial materials.
  • Martin Wetterstedt: carbon budgets. 

Affiliated Researchers

  • Guest Professor Kevin Anderson
  • Emeritus Professor Kjell Aleklett

PhD Students

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