Wind Energy

Our research focuses on increasing the understanding of wind turbine wakes and wake interactions, stability of the tip vortices as well as the optimization of large wind farms.

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Wind Energy Campus Gotland

Campus Gotland’s Wind Power division conducts research in a range of topics including wind turbine wakes and wake interactions, planning and acceptance for wind power and wind power decommissioning among others.

The overall objective of Uppsala University Campus Gotland’s group is to maintain and further develop knowledge of wind energy though research, innovation and education.

STandUP for Wind

STandUP for Wind is a research centre profiled towards planning and establishing wind energy in the Swedish electrical network. The centre is a collaboration between KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and Uppsala University as part of the government’s strategic STandUP for Energy.

Study at Campus Gotland

Uppsala University’s Campus Gotland is located in Visby, the island’s main town. Visby is a medieval town that has been marked as a historical site by the UNESCO World Heritage programme. A popular landmark is the fortress wall dating back to the 13th century, which surrounds the old city.

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Last modified: 2023-01-27