About us

The first wind power course on Gotland began in 1998 and since then many new courses have been developed and in 2010 a Master’s program in Wind Power Project Management began. About 15 people work with wind power on Campus Gotland of which five are PhD students. The wind power group on Campus Gotland does research in the fields of wind turbine wakes and wake interactions, stability of tip vortices and the optimizing of large wind power projects. The group also does research within the fields of wind power planning, participation and landscape impact.


Site manager : Stefan Ivanell, stefan.ivanell@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 8360
Director of studies: Andrew Barney, andrew.barney.@geo.uu.se, 018- 471 8372

Financial administrator: Maria Åberg Eriksson, maria.eriksson@geo.uu.se, 018-471 2554

Visiting address: Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3, 62157 Visby
Postal address: Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland, 62167 Visby
Telephone: 018-471 8454