Exchange studies

Incoming exchange students

How to apply

If you are interested in coming to Uppsala University to study in the Department of Earth Sciences (Earth Sciences, Sustainable Development, and Wind Power Engineering) you should first make sure that your home department/university has established a bilateral agreement with us. If so, you apply according to the procedure at your home university. Once you have been nominated to and accepted by Uppsala, you fill in the application form below.

Nomination deadline for exchange studies Spring 2020, is October 15.
Apply via this link

Our courses open for exchange students are all fully taught in English (see link below). Please contact the departmental Coordinator of Exchange studies if you have questions or wish to know more about which courses suit you. Housing is provided by Uppsala University Housing Office, you apply for housing on a special form provided by your coordinator after receiving your nomination/application.


Erik Rosenberg, Departmental Coordinator of Exchange Studies


Outgoing students

As a student at the Department of Earth Sciences you have the opportunity to study at one of our 12 European partner universities. Take the chance to study abroad and learn a new language, meet new people and get to know a new culture!
If you are granted a position for exchange studies you are required to blog during your exchange studies, to be posted via the departmental webpage.

Whether you know where you want to go or if you are just curios to find out more about studying abroad, contact the coordinator for exchange studies: Erik Rosenberg, Room Gk 218,

If you are tempted to travel outside of Europe you can contact the International office where you can apply to exchange studies all over the world. You can also go via the Teknat faculty.

Apart from exchange studies, you can also apply for a scholarship to do an internship abroad (Erasmuspraktik).



The application should contain everything listed below. The complete application should be e-mailed as a PDF-file to the Coordinator of Exchange studies,

Last day for applications regarding exchange studies for the Fall 2019 is March 15, 2019.

Your application will be judged by the Coordinator of Exchange studies, the Head of studies on basic and advanced level, and a teacher representative. All parts of your application will be taken into consideration when the exchange positions are filled.

  • Academic Purpose Statement, the essay should be maximum of 600 words and written in English. Why you in particular? Why there in particular? How does the exchange contribute to your future?
  • Transcript of records (from all your university studies)
  • List of universities, you can not apply to solely one university, you have to apply to a minimum of three universities. List the universities in order of priority or, if you wish, prioritize all universities equally.
  • Course proposal, a preliminary choice of courses for each university you apply to. Often only the previous year's courses are available on the partner university's websites. Make your choice from one of these courses. You will make your final choice once you have been accepted, and sometimes when you arrive at the exchange university.