Meet some of our former students

I learned a lot from my colleagues of different academic backgrounds 

"The knowledge gained at Uppsala University during WPPM Master’s programme prepared me for work in a wide range of activities as I learned about commercial activities, business strategies and policy frameworks in the energy industry worldwide"

Read the interview with Veaceslav Crasilscic

I am happy that I can see how the energy world really works and be involved in real projects

"The location itself played an important role as Gotland is a real wind power base where you can visit a wind power plant easily, plus it is also a beautiful place"

Read the interview with Vendula Jorgensen

Wind Power seemed, and still seems, to be a very young industry that would allow me to grow and thrive with it.

"If you are interested in creating a more sustainable future, technology and project management, WPPM is the perfect programme for you! The WPPM programme benefited me mostly by giving me a full picture of the inner workings of the Wind Power industry."

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