Meet some of our students

Lakshitha Daham Makewita invested in further education after 10 years in the industry

The study experience so far has broadened my horizons not only academically but also my approach to everyday life 

"Even though, the Campus Gotland is a very small premises when compared with Uppsala, I was fortunate enough to meet students from all four corners of the world, not to mention the large community of Swedish students."

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Tamara Oshkaderova

An opportunity to meet people from all over the world and discover new things every single day

"The best part for me was the combination of comfortable study environment and vibrant student life in a mesmerising setting of stunningly beautiful Visby."

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Xiaoyang Yu from China chose to study wind power mainly because the enormous wind turbine is super impressive.

The heavy metal guitarist who started studying wind power

"I always marvel at the beauty of the mechanism. Also I strongly believe our future is going to be non-fossil fuel living. I decide to do my little effort to achieve this goal."

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