Albin doktorerar i hydrologi

Which graduation class do you associate yourself with?

Bachelor Programme in Earth Science (graduation spring 2012), Master Programme in Earth Science (graduation spring 2014) 

2. How was the transfer from studies at Uppsala University to the job market?

The transition was quite smooth. I was hired two months after my graduation in 2014

3. Within what field are you doing your PhD? (Geology, Hydrology..)

Geohydrology - Aquatic Biogeochemistry

4. What skills from your masters are you using in your daily work?

Hydrochemistry, modelling, and stuff I acquired during my thesis

5. Do you miss anything from your study period and from Geocentrum?

My class

6. Would you recommend study earth sciences at Uppsala University and why?

Yes. Mainly due to the broad range of research at the department, which allowed me to get into contact with experts in several fields.

7. Do you have any tip for current students?

Study hard. There is no point in spending 2-5 years at the University otherwise 

8. When thinking of your career, where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years I hope I'm still active in my current field, whether as a consultant or in academia does not matter.